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I brought in a $2,000 project after one of your suggestions

“Working with Jaymie has been an absolute delight.  She has a gift for helping you discover what needs to be done to catapult your business...one conversation with her brought in a project worth $2,000.00.  Many times she has said something (even in passing) that has sparked my mind for something I needed to change or improve my business.  I can always count on Jaymie to help me create a vision and steer me in the direction of success!”

Tania, TK Design Company



Clientele Increased 28% implementing your marketing processess

Jaymie, you have a wealth of knowledge and experience that you bring to the table along with absolute professionalism and a ton of heart!

You showed us weak points in our business and once we worked on resolving those and implementing some marketing processes our clientele increased 28%! 

JZ, Owner Wellness Spa

"Increased Revenue By 40%..."

It's all about walking the talk.. A Business Coach is a big title which should be backed with a big track record. Jaymie fits that bill.

I would not have our company's marketing revamped (that increased business by 40%) and my movie script being reviewed by a Hollywood Agency if it weren't for her.

She's owned a large successful business and has beautifully adapted and packaged a lifetime of successful principles to share with all. Jaymie is extremely motivating as she keeps me on task and holds me accountable to my goals and dreams. Jaymie has literally changed my life and I would recommend her to anyone who is ready to make a quantum leap towards success in the next chapter of their lives!”

John Daly, Business Owner, Video Production Company

Impact Your World With Your Business. Impact YOUR LIFE With Your Business.

"Now actively building my business using her tools..."

“Jaymie brings a wealth of experience, empathy and skills to her coaching. Among many things, Jaymie has helped me understand the importance of first relaxing my body, then visualizing what I wish to create and finally showing me how to execute my vision. She has shown me how to do this. I have greatly benefited from Jaymie's insight and wisdom and am now actively building my new business using her tools and advice. Jaymie is indeed “re-MARCK-able!”

Linda, Corporate Attorney and Lifestyle Retreat Owner

"I've gotten more done in the last few weeks, in important areas in my business and life than ever before...!"

Working with Jaymie has had a profound impact on my accomplishments and productivity. She's helped me clarify goals in several realms of my life. I'm productive in many arenas now, not just one or two. That was a surprise for me.  Jaymie is non-judgmental and encourages me in all of my interests. There's not the ‘baggage' that comes with discussing goals with other people in my life with whom I color my view of their encouragement or discouragement based on my relationship with them and the expectations. Her coaching experience is evident. She surprises me with the different ‘methods' or techniques she uses. She comes at things from different angles than I expect – encouraging and coaxing fresh perspectives. I hadn't considered a coach before but she was recommended to me. Now, I can't imagine being serious about what you do and NOT work with a coach…especially Jaymie. She's made an extreme impact, helping me focus and make real strides towards what I want to accomplish. I've gotten more done in the last few weeks, in important areas in my life than ever before!

Anna, Owner of Bellallura

Your Daily Dash… 1968 –

Your Daily Dash… 1968 –

  The past couple of years were pivotal for me in many ways and last year I experienced the passing of someone so very near and dear to me. Over the past few years I’ve given much thought about this life we’ve been given --- what it is we create and contribute.  I...

The Power of Your Lens

The Power of Your Lens

Attention...where is your attention?  Notice where you place your attention. Where we place our attention, where we place our foucs - Grows.  It grows at a neurological level, a cellular level And it grows at a quantum level (an energy field beyond what the naked eye...


      "I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen." Ernest Hemingway     "Hearing is one of the body's five senses.  But listening is an art." Frank Tyger     Listening - Practicing "Listening Presence"        ...

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