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It’s all about walking the talk.. A Business Consultant is a big title which should be backed with a big track record. Jaymie fits that bill.

I would not have our company’s marketing revamped (that increased business by 40%) and my movie script being reviewed by a Hollywood Agency if it weren’t for her.

She’s owned a large successful business and has beautifully adapted and packaged a lifetime of successful principles to share with all. Jaymie is extremely motivating as she keeps me on task and holds me accountable to my goals and dreams. Jaymie has literally changed my life and I would recommend her to anyone who is ready to make a quantum leap towards success in the next chapter of their lives!”

John Daly, Business Owner, Video Production Company



Catapult Dollars With Email Marketing

Free Email Marketing Course – How To
Turn Emails Into Gold

  • Exact Instructions On Font Sizes, Spacing, Formatting For Maximum Returns
  • What Worked For Me And How You Can Create Revenue Generating Emails
  • How I Create Emails People Want To Open And So Can You
  • How I Grew My Subscriber Lists
  • How To Choose The Correct Newsletter Service For You





Constant Contact Free 60 Day Bundle Package 

  • Register/Sign Up With This Link:  Free Constant Contact.
  • After You Sign Up With The Above Link, Email Us With Your Full Name So We Can Schedule Your 15 Minute Call
  • Sign Up With This Link: Free Constant Contact and Don’t Forget To Email Us @ to schedule your 15 minute consultation.  We want you to succeed.




 Website/Blog Set-Up (The Highest Rated Host)

& Free WordPress Video Course



 Write & Launch A Profitable E-Book In

90 Days Or Less

How To Hire Freelancers, Minimize Mistakes and 3 LEGAL Must Knows

Click here: Step By Step Instruction On How To Hire Freelancers and mitigate financial and legal issues. Receive your free checklist with this.




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