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The Himalayan Salt Lamp is  awesome next to my computer (and sometimes I move it around my office.)  I have one in my bedroom too…it's an intoxicating glow.  I feel Great when I'm around this lamp and anyone who knows me well knows that I love anything holistic.  I place a particular emphasis on natural healing, herbs and good ol' fashion mother nature to heal what ails us…and inspire us!

That's why I particularly love this lamp…and I swear I experience multiple benefits from having this lamp around me…from enjoying working in my office with the soothing glow, to feeling a bit less stressed when it's around me…to simply stopping and enjoying this beauty of a lamp.



Several friends have asked me about it and being the ‘research' enthusiast I am, I embarked on a quest to see the various benefits people are experiencing with this unique lamp.  Now I'm not a doctor but if people experience just a quarter of these benefits (even just a few!) it's well worth having around us.

 Here are benefits of these Himalayan Salt Lamp Beauties:


1. Helps purify the air

Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits

2. Improves sleep


3. Helps headaches


4. Increases energy by increasing oxygen levels


5. Relaxes the body


6. Helps improve moodIf you'd like a bit of a boost right now, check out these 3 short FREE videos :)


7. Reduces stress


8.  Improves blood oxygen levels


9. Releases good for you ions


10. Improves breathing problems


11. Adds beauty to a room


12. Helps combat the effects of electro-magnetic radiation


13.  Helps reduce the number of airborne bacteria


14. Eases eye strain


15. Helps reduce symptoms of SAD


16. Helps reduce symptoms of PTSD


17. Helps combat indoor pollution


18. Easy to use/set up


19. Helps with respiratory issues


20. Soothing for allergies


21. Aides in anxiety reduction


22. Helps clean the air (by generating negative ions)


23. Helps alleviate coughing


24. Makes for a nice night lamp


25. You simply feel good when it's around


“Nature Itself Is The Best Physician” Hippocrates

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