1. Create newsletters/emails for small businesses

There's a Huge Market For This…It's an untapped area (yet!)…There aren't many people offering it and businesses Need This and Don't have time to create them.  Business owner are incredibly busy and they wear multiple hats and usually don't have one or aren't consistent.

Creating newsletters or automated marketing emails to send to their audience is critical for a business but many businesses find it challenging to find the time to create these. Approach or email businesses and offer to create newsletters for them and/or email campaigns. Here's a free course offered on using newsletters and email for businesses: Turn Email Into Gold.

2. Proofread Ebooks, Copy and Other Material

Thousands of people are writing E-Books and need proofreaders. Check out www.scribendi.com  (they're looking for Proofreaders Right Now).

3. Get your Real Estate License and show/sell homes, make an extra 20k-60k/year Part Time

 Do you love homes, walking through homes, helping others find the home of their dreams?  Have a knack for marketing and want to sell homes?  This could be just perfect for you!

4. Blog

Having your own website offers multiple ways to bring in extra-income.  There are so many ways to utilize a blog/website to bring extra-income.  Michelle built a 6 figure income in 4 Years (read interview here where she shares all.) Update: She hit the 7 figure mark in 2016.  Learn the 10 minute way and Things No One Mentions.

5.  Write an E-book

Have information to share? Many are writing and selling their own E-books. Don't wing it 25+ Ways To Make Extra Money Nowthough…Learn from someone who's done it and offers step by step instruction on exactly how to produce and sell a profitable book.  Abby shows you exactly how to do this.

6. Cater or help cater special events

People are overwhelmed with the amount of time and focus to pull these together. They are looking for help! Some people are naturals at this…if this is you people will pay you for your time and skills!


7. Great at numbers and bookkeeping?

My small business friends are always looking for good book keepers and accounting help.  Put the word out, join some small business groups, start an easy website (it's online real estate for you…it's important to some type of presence online) and start earning extra income (with your own available schedule).


8. Make your own items and have a booth at your local farmer's market

Or, meet a vendor and ask if you can share their booth and offer your wares. They may want a break from sitting at their booth the entire time!


9. Buy Low…Sell High

Like to shop?  Love to find deals?  My good friend is buying low and turning around and selling high…she's learned a lot here at www.ScavengerLife.com.  She's having a blast with it!

10. Sell Used Books

I have a client who sells used books as a primary income business. He loves it…he has the space for it though…his basement is filled to the brim with books.  Take a look here and get out more information.


11. Creative? 

Set up an Etsy shop…they help you from start to finish and you can sell almost anything online…www.Etsy.com


12. Pet Visit/Care

Offer to help out a local pet sitter (they’re always looking for fill ins and help from people they can trust).  Check out www.Rover.com and find someone you can offer your services to.  Another option is to start your own! My 2 dear friends started one years ago and it brought in excellent extra income and offered them flexibility right when they needed it most!


13. Lawncare/Snow Removal/Garden Maintenance

This can be quite a lucrative business.  If it piques your interest take a look here.  They walk you through starting your own lawncare business.


14. Rent out a room (or something else…one of my past clients rents their RV!)

The RV stays on their property and they rent the RV out for the night.  You can rent out a room, a home, apartment, boat, RV… Check out AirBnB  and scroll down to the link where it says “Why Host” to see if it may work for you.


15. Go to local Real Estate Brokerages and offer to bake items and help set up their open houses

They don’t have much time to pull all of it together.  You can work with several agents and provide the baked items and even offer to help them set up the open house.


16. Teach cooking classes in your home

I attended a local cooking class where a woman has cooking classes in her home. She clears out the family for the evening and has paying students sit around her counter as she prepares multiple courses. We watch, learn, ask questions, eat, drink (we bring our own wine or adult beverage) and everyone has a blast and she makes money!


17. Become a freelance assistant/temp in your local community

You can fill in for staff/receptionists who are suddenly out or on vacation. Get the word out that you're available for support, back up, help when staff call in sick or on vacation.  Businesses need your help! Advertise on your local Craigslist.  Businesses are looking for temps!


18. Work as a Virtual Assistant

Place a resume/profile on freelance websites and people looking for your services can contact you. You can also browse services needed and respond to those companies and people looking for services you provide. So many people are using various services to connect with those who need VA helps.   Join some groups and see what may be a great fit!


19.  Flip Products on Amazon

I mentioned books earlier, but that’s only one niche. You can sell pretty much anything on Amazon, so pick something you’re interested in and make money selling it! Imagine getting paid to spend time shopping for toys, health and beauty items, kitchen gadgets, or sports equipment.

Jessica Larrew at The Selling Family has an informative course, the Amazon Boot Camp, that will walk you step by step in getting started.


20. Brilliant YOU and Your Passion

When you love a company, business, service walk right in (or call/email them) and let them know you'd like to work for them somehow.  Tell them you're interested in making extra income right now and you'd love to represent them and help out the company. Listen to what they say. Business owners and managers love finding people to hire with passion!


21. Offer classes through your local adult lifelong learning programs

People pay for your classes and register through the school district program. The school district lists your class in the community lifelong learning program and markets it for you. I know a woman who offers evening classes on interesting and unique ways to get organized and unclutter your home and life. Through this she picks up side jobs helping people get organized and unclutter. She sells her book and organization materials through this exposure too.


22. Like Writing?

Businesses and online companies are always looking for content writers.  This is one common theme from my business owner friends…they don't have time to write their own copy and content for their websites and marketing materials.  Put up a quick website, we show you how super easy it is to do, here.  This is a must to highlight your writing and you'll be seen as a professional…thus commanding decent prices!


23. Enjoy creating graphics for marketing materials?

Offer to help others with theirs! Small businesses are overwhelmed with the various tasks at hand and don’t have much time to stop and learn this much needed part of marketing their business. Make extra money with your creativity and expertise.


24. Enjoy making pies?!

Watch this awesome episode on how people sell pies right from their home! See real life stories how baking pies changed the lives of these people. Check it out… Here.


25. Create your own online Courses

You have so much knowledge in that beautiful mind of yours…your life experiences, your professional experience…your personal knowledge – Create your own online courses and sell them.  Thinkific allows you to build your own course website.


Get Creative And Do Something That Works For You!

This post may contain affiliate links…these are products I love, some I use and recommend.  Contact me and I'll share with you thoughts on various tools and resources.

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