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Ahhhhhh September 23 marked the official change in seasons…Fall. Just as our world and nature goes through cycles and changes, we do too.  Nature doesn’t resist ‘change’ – it simply flows into it.  What if we took lessons from nature? We inevitably experience change…


How do we not resist it and flow into it… Be with it and grow from it? As John Maxwell says…”Change is inevitable.  Growth is optional.” Growth occurs in nature, however, we (humans) do not necessarily grow.  How do we live lives of joy, richness, growth, flourish…even in the face of challenges and perceived obstacles?


With change comes an incredible opportunity…we can resist, regress, fight it, wither…or we can use it to our benefit, be present with it, embrace it – learn from it, grow and shift to another level…


Two weekends ago I kayaked majestic, awe inspiring Causey Reservoir. It took effort to get the kayak onto the water, pack it with gear and then take off.  My amazing kayaking partner and I would row intensely (it’s a tandem kayak), then slow down – ever so lightly skimming the water with our oars…and then be still.  In tranquility and silence, floating in the middle of the water I stared at the towering trees framing the reservoir, observed the changing leaves…leaves of vibrant yellows, auburn, various shades of green…the deep blue sky the canvas for this majestic scene…I looked down at the water – the scene above mystically represented in this water mirror – I thought of Monet’s inspirations…


And I thought soon, very soon, this scene will be dramatically different – the blue coverted to white…tips of the trees peeking through – the water a solid sheet – covered with banks of snow.  And oh, the activities…snow shoeing, skiing, skate skiing – the warmth from the fire and embers glowing while outside huge, light tufts of snow float from the sky…the magical holiday celebrations and what these holidays truly represent


Thawing from winter spring will be upon us, then summer…nature flows…


There are times and seasons for life – each one gives birth to a new season.  We make choices – hopefully becoming ever more self-aware, present, growing, flourishing...and can experience many ‘rebirths’ which can be incredible opportunities…


• I invite you to take a moment – be fully present with You, your surroundings…what are the gifts around you?
• Notice nature – what can you draw from it?  Be with it…be still and notice what arises
• Notice when resistence comes up (any kind/type) – breathe into it, be curious with it…what are 3-4 ideas, thoughts in which you can (or you’ve seen others) flow into change and make choices that  support  you, your growth, your joy, your world…what choices can you make that empower you in living a flourishing life?
Be Well – to presence, growth and opportunities,



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