The power of You and what you can createYour mind (which is not what you may think), your thoughts and your actions can create a physical reality in which you create something that didn't exist before.   Through this you also create your experience.  Infuse your heart's energy (your passions) into these three and you're a powerhouse of incredible physical manifestation.



If you haven't read my writings before and aren't familiar with the concept of ‘mind' here it is.  The mind is different than the brain/physical body.  Your mind regulates the flow of energy and information – it's not a tangible…you cannot touch it, see it but it exists.  You use your mind (your mind is your ‘servant').  This is worth repeating – You use your mind to regulate the flow of energy and information.

We use these four powerful tools (mind, thoughts, action, heart's energy/passions) to create our small masterpieces and our grand, larger masterpiece/s. Know this – a masterpiece is continually in the making.  There's not a business owner, a professional, an author, an athlete, an artist who looks at a work of art/project/book/race and doesn't say hmmmm how can I improve this.  They fall in love with the process of Creating!  It's the love for the creation that propels them.  They know Mastery is a constant work in progress…they begin, they make mistakes and they don't give up.  They keep the vision/intention in mindThey fully engage in the process of creating…they're in the zone, in the flow.  It's Living, It's Creating, It's Presence at its finest…It's Being at its finest.

The discipline of creating is not always easy and at times seems difficult, however, masters don't give up.  Yes, they take breaks, adjust, modify but they keep on, keep'n on through the plateaus, writer's block, athlete blocks, doubts, ‘failures.'  They know it's part of the process.

A friend of mine (a retired professional skier) and I were talking and the subject of creation and manifestation came up.  There are several key pieces to creating the results we want and I'll discuss them in a moment, however, I want to share some of our conversation leading to this.  The topic of mental rehearsal arose…you see the end result and then mentally rehearse your ‘steps' prior to working toward an intention/a goal…use your ‘mind' and see yourself fully engaging in each step (engage all of your senses) before taking action. 

He shared with me “Jaymie, I was stuck.  For some reason I couldn't get past placing 3rd, 4th in the races.  So I hired a psychologist who worked with professional athletes, executives, etc.”  He went on…”Fascinating man and has been a major source of inspiration for me…to this day I attribute my personal and professional success to what he taught me.  I've been in contact with him over the years…he's taught at the academic level, coached some of our olympic winners, advises C level executives, etc.  I fully believe I wouldn't be where I'm at now had I not learned these skills during my skiing days.”

“I was mentally stuck…” How then did he use his mind to catapult him to the next level?…

He practiced…using ‘mind.' He envisioned the day of the race…first beginning at the end (winning the race).  He then mentally rehearsed the evening before the race…what he ate, what time he went to bed…and then the day of the race…getting up, getting ready…packing his equipment, gear…feeling easeful, prepared…he also mentally rehearsed the course.  He saw and felt himself speeding through the course…relaxed, in flow, navigating obstacles…


And he started winning.


There are several key pieces to manifesting results…results you truly want.  I've used this in creating an award winning business, losing weight and many other projects including creating an “A” final paper after returning to school 20 years after graduating from college.  We can appy these skills to our smaller creations.  Start small…work toward a smaller goal to assist in developing these skills….And know the following is Okay it's part of it – We stumble, we correct, we learn…it's part of the process…be easy on yourself and enjoy…


Envision your end creation (whether that's your lean, fit body, your business one year from now, the outcome of a project, the outcome of a presentation, your relationships, etc.)

Think of the outcome…see and feel the outcome

Write down the steps…what actions you need to take in order to achieve this vision

Envision engaging in the steps (so powerful!) – see and feel yourself in action

When you feel stuck…go to a step and take action…action creates momentum…

Adjust/modify while working toward your creation – So important!

Pay attention to where your focus is – is your focus supporting what's important for you, is it empowering you?

Infuse your heart's energy, your passion/s into your actions

What are you creating?  What can you manifest…the power is yours…

…to your creations, manifestations and your life


ps…please feel free to forward. I also love feedback and hearing your thoughts, ideas, suggestions. If you have a question please don't hesitate to ask…I may use it (with your permission) in our E-zine and Notes to You – it helps others!