Attention…where is your attention?  Notice where you place your attention.

Where we place our attention, where we place our foucs – Grows.  It grows at a neurological level, a cellular level And it grows at a quantum level (an energy field beyond what the naked eye can see).

Does your attention go toward what is wrong…or what is good and wonderful?  Do you see problems as insurmountable or do you see the ‘good' around it and see an opportunity for change and opportunities?  Challenges arise…it's a part of life…  It's our perception of it that creates suffering.


Life is created through the lens in which we view our world…change your lens, change your actions – change your life…






I offer you these to ponder and invite you to implement (if even for a day…)

• How can you infuse joy into your day in all aspects of your life (personally, professionally) – try it

• Every one of us has something for which to be grateful…what are 3 things for which you're grateful?

• Find the opportunity in a ‘challenge'…create your oppportunities!

To you – Peace and Happiness,