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Ahhhhhh, new seasons always arrive…Just as our world and nature goes through cycles and changes…we do too. 


Nature doesn’t resist ‘change’ it simply flows into it…What if we took lessons from nature – we experience new seasons in life...we graduate, get married, have kids, get divorced, lose loved ones, get laid off, quit, retire and so much more…CHANGE HAPPENS


How Do We…

Not resist it and flow into it, be with it And Grow from it…Come out even better, stronger, loving our life? As John Maxwell says…”Change is inevitable.  Growth is optional”…Growth occurs in nature, however, we human beings do not necessarily grow in life, we can remain stuck as our bodies grow older…we can regress – How do we live lives of joy, richness, growth…even in the face of challenges and perceived obstacles?


With change comes an incredible opportunity…we can resist, regress,fight it, wither…or we can use it to our benefit, be present with it, embrace it – learn from it, grow and become creators of our own life masterpieces…creators of our own joy in life


The first weekend of fall I kayaked majestic, awe inspiring Causie Dam. It took effort to get the kayak onto the water, pack it with gear and then take off. 


My kayaking partner and I would row intensely (a tandem kayak), then slow down – ever so lightly skimming the water with our oars…and then be still.  In tranquility and silence, floating in the middle of the water I stared at the towering trees framing the dam, observed the changing leaves…leaves of vibrant yellows, auburn, various shades of green…the deep blue sky was the canvas for this majestic scene…I looked down at the water – the scene above mystically represented in the water mirror.


I thought soon, very soon, this scene will be dramatically different

The blue canvas sky will be  gray-white, tips of the trees barely peeking through the snow blanket draping it, the lake a solid sheet covered with snow banks.  Ahhhh and the activities!…Snow shoeing, skiing, skate skiing, enjoying the warmth from a fireplace with embers glowing while outside huge, light tufts of snow float from the sky…And the magical holiday celebrations…immersing ourselves in what the holidays truly represent.



The cold ground thaws as spring opens her arms to us…then summer arrives with trees and flowers in full bloom– then fall descends upon us…Nature Flows…


There are times and seasons in life – as one season shifts it gives rise to another. We can choose to see each season just as it is…a season…knowing that another is forthcoming in our life. 


Our choices and intentions can catapult us to the next amazing chapter in our life


Everyday we grow somehow or we regress.  We’re growing older, that’s inevitable thus we’re not static.  How we grow older in our lives is our choice.  To create a joyful, intentional life is to become ever more present, self-aware and, through this, evolve and shift into a new season in life – of your own, personal creation…You write and live your next chapter…your next season. You Have The Power.


How Do You Shift and Create…How Do You Do THIS?…


1.Stop, Breathe and Take a Moment

Be fully present with YOU, your surroundings…what are the gifts and opportunities around you?

2. Notice Nature (this helps pull us back into the present and calms the mind/body)

What can you draw from it?  It can be a plant in your home, a painting or photo of nature. If none of that is available, close your eyes and remember a time in nature or a photo you recall.  Be still and take in nature

3. Acknowledge Where You Are At Now

Simply notice it…no judgment, be curious with it

4. Notice when resistance comes up

Breathe into it, don’t resist it…simply be curious with it.  The more you ‘fight’ against it the more hold it will have on you.

5. Relax then Reflect

Relax and then reflect on where you’re at right now and where you would like to be. After you’re relaxed…with your eyes closed – envision your new chapter, your new season in life, infuse it with positive emotions that feel good for you (whether that’s joy, beauty, love…whatever positive emotions feel right for you)…See your new vision…How does it feel? Remember to infuse it with positive emotions. Breathe into it. You are in your new season, your new chapter.  Your body and mind feel it.  This will guide you.

6. Commit

Open your eyes. Commit to your intention/s.  What are 3 ideas and actions you can take that support your goal/intention.

7. Take Action 

Take Action With Your Intention In Mind


What will you plant now…for your next season?


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