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The One Common Denominator of all

6+ Figure Businesses

(Part 1)



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Phewwww!  You see others earning 6 figures with their business and you scratch your head…maybe you go round and round in circles trying one thing and then another.


How is it they’re doing this and you’re making little headway?


I understand, I’ve been there.  My business would make some head way, build some momentum and then slowwwwww down.  I’d be in a holding pattern and sometimes go backwards.  I’d sit there, scratching my head.  What’s happening? I’d think maybe I’m not cut out for this, maybe some people just get lucky, this is Stressful and Why Am I Doing This?


Then, I stopped.  I looked around and visited the top leaders who were doing what I wanted to do…I visited them In Person This was 20 years ago…before the internet really got off the ground.  At that time there weren’t courses online and not much available except for the occasional business book.  What I learned and applied is more important today than ever before.  There is more coming at you than ever before now and if you master the items below it'll put you light years ahead in your business.


I physically visited with people across the country who created a 6 figure sustainable business, I studied them, I learned from them and then I applied what I learned.


Guess What?


My business started to take off, I mean really take off!   I became obsessed with it. How can I improve the business more? I read everything I could get my hands on.  I studied, learned and applied what I learned.  I made mistakes, learned from them…would tweak something here and there…And then I hit the 6 figure mark  Again and Again.


How did this happen?  How did I do this and how are others doing this? I see my friends earning 6 figures in their small business…What did I do and What  Are Other 6 figure businesses doing?




How is this done? 

6 Figure Businesses have an established process to get and stay in front of their target customers consistently. I will repeat this again as it’s critical…They have an established process to get and stay in front of their target customers consistently.


What Do They Do?





1. Stay in front of their customers and potential customers 

On average a consumer needs to see your message/product 9 times before they act on your product/offer.  A while ago it was 5 times but now with so much coming at consumers in multiple ways…social media, texting, tv, email, family…their attention is now scattered and they have so much more fighting for their attention.


There are many resources online to help you automate and stay in front of your customers and prospects. I use two services for my email automations,  Constant Contact and ConvertKit. I've used Constant Contact for years and love it.  It’s super intuitive/easy to use with fantastic drag and drop features to create your own newsletters, interesting emails with easy to use graphics, give away freebies, offer helpful information to your customers…it really is a Great, Easy Way to stay in front of your customers.


ConvertKit is a simple to use email automation service that allows you to set up an automated series of emails.  I used Infusionsoft for almost a year and a half and found it a beast (not intuitive and difficult to use) and it's very expensive.   When I decided to switch email automation companies and leave Infusionsoft I tried ActiveCampaign and ConvertKit. I went with ConverKit and have been happy with the service.  It's more involved than a service such as Constant Contact but it allows you to create landing pages, opt-in pages and schedule a series of email sequences according to the schedule and processes you create.  If you need a monthly or biweekly online newsletter to stay in front of your customers and audience I recommend Constant Contact (free 2 month trial with no credit card required!) I Love it!  If you wish to create automated email sequences with mostly copy (ie email tutorials, info series, etc)  ConvertKit is the one for you. If you're wondering how to use email to stay in front of your customers,  take a look here…The best way to stay in front of your customers.



2. Connect with their customers and potential customers

Yes, this is part of a Marketing Process.   6 figure businesses listen to their market base. Customers and potential customers want to know you genuinely care, that you (or someone in your business) is available for them and they want to be heard.  This is more important than ever especially right now as word spreads quickly online – either positive or negative.


3. Are valuable to their customers and potential customers

They provide value for customers and potential customers – free with no strings attached…whether it’s guidance, answering questions, a product, free trial…they believe in what they're doing and have an attitude of Abundance.  Offering something/s free helps everyone.

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4. Provide solutions for them

What do their customers and target market need/want and how can they provide that for them. They Market A Solution to their market base's ‘problem.’ They Market a Product that provides a solution to their market base's Wants/Needs.


5. Are Real and Genuine in their marketing

People connect with Real People.  They know taking time to authentically connect with their customers and their customers' needs is critical…And They Want To Do This!


6. Obtain contact info

They have a way to get a phone number, email, address…whatever it is so they may stay in front of them.  Customers and potential customers won’t know what valuable services and products they have, they can’t give them freebies and things of value if they have no way to reach their customers and potential customers.

One of the best modern marketing books I've read is “Email Marketing Demystified: Build a Massive Mailing List, Write Copy That Converts and Generate More Sales.”  I implemented some of his techniques and saw opt-in rates triple in my businesses and more referrals and engaged customers.


7. Automate

20 years ago, before we had automation and social media, I used the postal mail service to stay in front of my customers and potential customers.   At one point my postage bill was $4,000/month.  I kid you not.  Crazy huh?  Compared to what’s available now and the monetary costs to utilize online marketing techniques…that seems outlandish for a small business.  It worked at the time but now I use social media and other online resources.  It’s more important than ever now to stay at the forefront of your market base and there are so many tools available to automate processes.  If you have any type of business you really can't afford to not have some type of automated email/newsletter system to stay in front of customers and potential customers.


Create a few standard templates so you don't have to reinvent the wheel every time you have a mailing.  Send out something during the holidays, for the change seasons, special announcements and you can pre-schedule some or all of them!  It's a great way to automate and systematically engage with your customers. Check out: Turning Email Into Sales…The Easy Way!

8. Utilize their current customer base and online resources



  • How can you use social media (either organically or through paid ads) to get the word out? How can you use social media to market for you?  Pick one or 2 if you’re just starting out.  If you have an existing business and are using social media how can you use it effectively?  How can you refine and automate so it’s highly effective for you?  Take some time, review and brainstorm.


A small business owner wears many hats.  I get this, I know this…I live this ;).  With online automation these days it does make life easier.  And yet…not so easy as there are  many options out there.


I recommend  picking one or 2 marketing vehicles and focus in those areas.  You can add/change them as time goes on.  You can collaborate with others if you need help and/or hire a virtual assistant to help with a few projects or give them responsibilities in which they maintain certain processes.   I know some of you don’t have the budget for this right now or you’re just getting off the ground…I can’t reiterate this enough –  start with one or two vehicles at first and focus exclusively on those.


In Recap…Market, Market, Market

Stay In Front Of Your Clients and Connect With Them

If You Don’t Someone Else Will…



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