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I've been self-employed most of my adult life. If someone doesn't have a full-time business I encourage people to have some type of small side business or side income of their design.

There are many, many benefits to it…Extra Income, Tax Benefits, and More. However, it's not for everyone. No B.S. here. I fully believe it's a growth experience and helps you evolve as a person too.

Here we offer full time small business sale and marketing articles, ways to grow your business, pitfalls to watch for, links and help with starting a side business or simply some ideas regarding earning extra-income on the side of your regular job.  This is all with the emphasis on having and growing some type of your own small or side business.

Having Your Own Business is not just making a living…it's Making A Life


See what some others have said about us...


“After our consultation – boom – I was overwhelmed with this intense sense of powerful strength. Jaymie brings a wealth of experience, empathy and skills.  Among many things, Jaymie has helped me understand the importance of first relaxing my body and spirit so that I can nurture and see my dreams turn into reality.  She has shown me how to do this through the MARCK® method.  I have greatly benefited from Jaymie's insight and wisdom.  Jaymie is indeed “reMARCK-able” Linda H, Corporate Attorney, Life Coach and Blogger



As always your words are deep and timely.  I had a full day of struggle yesterday. I kept grabbing for the reeds along the shore and feeling the pull of resistance!  Today I am searching for the sweet spot in the river, trying to let the waters wash over me and carry me on my journey.  Every time I look up I see some beautiful faces, like yours and hear your words, and am able to relax a little more.”  Ruth Z. Physician



“Jaymie, you have a wealth of knowledge that you bring to the table along with absolute professionalism and a ton of heart!” JZ, Owner Wellness Spa, Park City, Utah



“I was burned out and needed a change but I was terrified.  It was a nerve-racking time and many times I doubted myself. Jaymie worked with me and I used the MARCK® method. She helped guide me through a 360 degree career change and a move out of state to San Diego, CA (A complete change from the last 32 years where I was born and have lived my life). It's beyond incredible.  My life has changed in so many ways and I LOVE IT!” Debbie L., Mortgage Broker 



Working with  Jaymie has had a profound impact on my accomplishments and productivity.  She's helped me clarify goals in several realms of my life. I'm productive in many arenas now, not just one or two.  This was a surprise for me.  Jaymie is non-judgmental and encourages me in all of my interests.  She surprised me with the different ‘methods' or techniques she uses.  She comes at things from different angles than I expect – encouraging and coaxing fresh perspectives.  She's made an extreme impact, helping me focus and make real strides towards what I want to accomplish.   I've gotten more done in the last few weeks, in important areas in my life than ever before!”  Anna Z, Hypnotherapist, Writer and Women's Empowerment Facilitator