Jaymie, you have a wealth of knowledge and experience that you bring to the table along with absolute professionalism and a ton of heart! You showed us weak points in our business and once we worked on resolving those and implementing some marketing processes our clientele increased 28%! 

JZ, Owner Wellness Spa

Want More Gold In Your Pocket From Your Business?

How can you optimize your time, efficiency and increase revenue for your business or future business?  What is the best ROI in digital marketing (and some argue) it may be the best overall in marketing…

It’s Email Marketing and Automation



This is not any type of email marketing though.  It needs to be done effectively…this means it brings results.  It has taken me years to discover the actual science of creating effective emails that bring the results needed. Some years ago I stumbled across how effective plain, old postage marketing (before the popularity of the internet and emails worked).


For me regular mailings and consistent marketing processes increased my business revenues ($$$) by 60%. Head on over here to read more.     With the advent of technological automation…email marketing is far less expensive, offers great analytics (to study/see what’s working and much more) and requires less labor than the old method of USPS.


If you aren't obtaining email addresses and aren't using email marketing you are leaving dollars on the table (and future dollars too!).   This is a key element in bringing in revenue for multiple reasons.

I've had many, many calls and reach outs over the years asking about the ‘secrets' to effective, revenue generating marketing.  Email marketing and automation, I've found, to be the best ROI in sales and marketing.

Below you'll find the outline for this short, but powerful, FREE course:


Day 1: “Who's Behind The Curtain”

Day 2: “The 10 Key Points For Your Email Marketing & How To Convert Your Emails To Gold”

Day 3: “The 1 Piece You Cannot Miss In Your Email Campaigns”

Day 4: “Don't Make Me Think”

Day 5: “How To Grow Your Subscriber List”

Day 6: “Expert Logistics Checklist For Creating Kick-butt Email Campaigns”

Day 7: “Fall In Love With Email Marketing: What To Look For In Companies”


“Email marketing is an amazing way to reach out to people and gain loyal paying clients. I love what you’ve got lined up in the course!” V. Law

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Want More $$$ In Your Pocket?

You're losing $$$ if you're not using email marketing for your business. People are visiting your business...Stay In Front Of Them! Learn how to effectively use e-mail marketing to Stay In Touch With Your Market & Increase Revenue. We show you how to turn this into your 24/7 Sales Team.

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