How Are You Spending Dash Between Your Years 1968 - ---_

The past couple of years were pivotal for me in many ways and last year I experienced the passing of someone so very near and dear to me.

Over the past few years I’ve given much thought about this life we’ve been givenwhat it is we create and contributeI pause and think of our dashthe dash in between the year we’re born and the year we pass. This small symbol represents the life we’ve lived



Stop and think about the dash…Your years lived, the days in between, the moments in between. 

I look at my day when I awake and ask — How am I spending my dash today?  I call it “The Daily Dash.”  Those daily moments have a ripple effect – and ultimately equate to the years you’ve lived, who you’ve touched, what you’ve done, how you lived…

Now is your time…take time, pause and reflect

• How will you spend your dash today?

• How will you spend the rest of your dash?

I can’t emphasize this enough – take time for yourself…be in quiet and ponder this.

It’s your life…Celebrate it