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Hiring Freelancers?

3 Legal Must Knows and More


As business owners there is so much to do and where do we find time for everything!  Another ‘to do’ in the business?  Another project to complete?   When will you find time for that?


Argh!  Is it time to get more help? Hire out a project?  Do you hire ongoing assistants or specialized people to help with your business?  How do you find the best person And protect yourself?


How To Hire Freelancers, Minimize Mistakes and 3 LEGAL Must Knows

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Get your Hiring Freelancers Checklist. Stay on task and save time with this checklist. It also has links to help you with the hiring process.

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If you’ve asked yourself these questions…I get it!  I’ve been there.  I’ve hired hundreds of people over the years in my businesses (both freelancers and employees). There are differences to consider when hiring these two types. This article focuses on hiring freelancers.

I’m a process oriented person. Systematic processes helps clarify my needs and helps me manage my time far better…and hopefully minimize mistakes which are bound to happen! Checklists help too…they keep me on task so I don’t reinvent the wheel every time.  Create a checklist for yourself when hiring.  See Below If You'd Like A Sample Checklist.  It's the one I developed for myself and thought I'd share it to help you too!

I wish I had the information below years ago.  It would have saved me some time, headaches and money!




1. Find The Best Freelancers For YOU


2. Ask The Right Questions! See Our Questionnaire Below


3. 3 Legal Considerations To Know: Protect Yourself and Your Business


4. How To Find Freelancers


1. Where and How to Begin


Congratulations!  You’ve decided it’s time…time to get help, relieve some pressure, complete projects that you simply don’t know how to do or don’t have time to do…But How Do You Go About Doing This?


How do you find the best freelancers for You and mitigate mistakes and minimize additional costs incurred by hiring the wrong ones?

1.1 Stop. Take Some Time. Proceed.  If you haven’t done this already (and even if you have it might be a good idea to stop and reflect again). Review your strengths, your personality, how you operate and interact with others. 

As for me I know I’m a communicator…and I need to work with others who communicate clearly and regularly.

I’m also someone who commits to showing up, on time…no excuses.  I plan my life so I’m on time for all my meetings and commitments.  If for some reason there’s an emergency and I can’t make it (which has only happened a few times in my life) I let all know.  I have that same expectation for my freelancers.  If we schedule a meeting I expect them to be ready, computer in front of them, Skype on and ready when I call.

I also expect deadlines to be met.  I meet my deadlines…and I expect others to meet theirs too.  If for some reason a deadline can’t be made there needs to be clear communication around this and a plan to complete the deadline.

The above are a couple examples in defining what’s important to you and your expectations of the freelancer.

It’s important to understand how you operate, how you work with others and your expectations of your freelancers.  Set aside some time and jot some things down.


1.2 Get clear on what you need regarding the project…is it a one time project?  Are you hiring for ongoing work?  What specifically do you need for this particular project?


1.3 Get specific on what you need from your freelancer.  What skills do they need? What personality type are you looking for?  What technological resources do they need to have?  What interpersonal skills do you want them to possess?






If it’s a small project (maybe a task that’ll require less than an hour for someone with a particular skill set) you’ll most likely not have them answer in depth questions, BUT, for a more involved project or projects Definitely Ask them to complete a questionnaire (via email or online…there is a sample below) and/or have a phone conversation with them and ask questions.


I recommend having them fill out/answer questions in writing.


It ensures certain questions you have get answered. Sometimes we forget to ask some questions when talking.


Here is our questionnaire we use for Marketing Assistants. Click on the Link Below:


Click Here To See: Our Page And Questions For Hiring Marketing Assistants


The Questions are done in Survey Monkey.  Or if it's easier for you simply just email the questions to the freelancer…I’ve done that too!


You will save a lot of time by using written ‘interviewing’ formats!  It will offer you some clarity on the potential freelancer and how they respond to directions/instructions.  It's a great vetting tool.


Get Your Hiring Freelancers Checklist

Get your Hiring Freelancers Checklist. Stay on task and save time with this checklist. It also has links to help you with the hiring process.

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3. Protect Yourself And Your Work ( 3 Legal Considerations)


According to legal expert and entrepreneur Jaia Thomas, below are ways to protect yourself.

3.1 Have A Written Agreement. Have the terms of your project in writing!  She states even a simple document is better than nothing!


3.2 Be Specific on the work made for hire. Thomas states “According to the U.S. Copyright Office, the general rule is that a person who creates a work is often the legal author and owner. The copyright office provides an exception to that standard rule, however. The exception is for a “work made or hire,” project prepared by a worker when the assignment is specially ordered or commissioned in certain specified circumstances. When a project qualifies as a work made for hire, the employer or commissioning party is considered to be the legal author and owner.”

Thomas goes on to say “A key clause to include in a contract with a freelancer is one indicating that anything the freelancer creates will qualify as a work made for hire. When hiring a freelance designer to create a logo for a new company, a work made for hire clause will ensure that the organization owns all legal rights to the logo.”


3.3 Be Careful in Setting up payment. Know beforehand how payment is to be made (via check, online means, credit card).  Never pay the full amount upfront…wait until the service is rendered before paying the full amount.  It’s not uncommon for the freelancer to ask for something down to get started….just make sure you have everything in writing before you start!

 Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/235155

Read: 3 Documents You Need When Hiring a Contract Worker

4. Where To Find Freelancers


A few popular sites in which you can find freelancers are Fiverr, Upwork, Indeed.com, Guru.com.  Thousands of Freelancers advertise their services online through online sites.  Some sites require you to register with them before conducting a search for freelancers and some don’t.   The sites will have terms/agreements so you’ll want to review those.

I’ve used Fiverr and Upwork.  Read the reviews for the freelancers and Ask Questions to help you find the right fit for you!  I’ve had good and bad experiences…I’ve learned from costly mistakes when hiring freelancers and hope to impart some of that wisdom to you!

Search facebook groups for people looking for side work or place a post in some specialty facebook groups.  Place a help wanted post on Craigslist.  Place a special section on your business site for help/assistance needed.  Click Here To See One That I Have.

**Special Note: Sometimes hiring friends or referrals from friends are not the best ones to hire…you can be biased because they are friends.  I speak from experience!

Make sure you ask the same questions to ‘friends’ that you would ask a stranger.  You may be surprised when they answer your questions and you find they may not be the best fit!  Here are some tips when considering hiring a friend…should I hire a friend?

Paying Freelancers: Many of the online sites have payment features through their sites.  Fiverr and Upwork does. Discuss payment options, how the Freelancer accepts payments, expectations of payments, etc.

Here is an online payment company that acts as a digital wallet.  Due.com allows you to make and accept payments online. 

I fully believe in Synergy…That 1 + 1 = 3.  That's the sum of the parts make for a far, far greater accomplishment/masterpiece than the parts separately.

The right assistance and the right key players can take our businesses to heights we could never go alone.

You may want to have a trial period with an individual (give them a small project to complete) before committing to a larger project and longer time frame.

If you’ve never hired before you may want to start out small…hiring for a small, fast turnaround project.  This will get you comfortable with hiring for larger, more in-depth projects.


What can you do this next week to take your business to the next level?  

What steps can you take to create synergy?

Get Your Hiring Freelancers Checklist

Get your Hiring Freelancers Checklist. Stay on task and save time with this checklist. It also has links to help you with the hiring process.

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