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How To Set Up A Website…Secrets No One Mentions


How To Set Up A Website



Whewwwww, you see websites and blogs out there…some people making full time or part time income from them, some showing their artistic talents and some simply expressing themselves. You wonder, how do I do this? Can I do this?  I did it and YES, You CAN TOO.


I'm here to share with you how simple it is!  At first I was nervous. I didn't know what I was doing but I thought, well the first step is getting a domain name.  So I went and bought one from GoDaddy.  Then I paid someone thousands of dollars to do the rest (which I found out later I didn't need to do…it was super simple to get started.)   This website is not the one they did for me.  It's one I created.  As time went on I have received some paid help/coaching here and there but the initial set-up and maintenance I've done and so can you.

How did I figure out how simple it is?  I went out and started this site and another just to see if I could do it and how complicated it would be.




I could have saved thousands initially by doing it myself!


It was so easy!   Have a Site for only $3.95/mo.

I have a friend who paid $4,000 to a web designer to start a blog for her and every time she wrote a blog post she had to have her web designer post the article.  This cost her $100-$200 a pop. Every time she had her web designer make a change it was another $100-$200 a pop. It was running her dry!

This happened to me when I simply wanted to make a change here and there, write an article, create a simple new page but it doesn't have to happen to you. 

I learned I could ask the host company for help regarding setting up the website! Many people don't understand what a hosting company is or does!  I didn't!

A web hosting company is the company that holds your blog/website.

They handle the technology/back end piece of the blog.

Here's a secret...the web designers are often asking the host company for the same help!  I learned the host company will either do the back end for you or walk you through setting up your wordpress site!  At least Siteground does (the hosting company I now use)


I told my friend she could do it. I did it and do!  I promise you can do this. You can personally copy/paste your own posts from word, install easy to use plug ins to wordpress that allow you to put your website on steroids (in other words make it easy for you to manage and customize!) and the proper hosting company (that's the place that holds your website) will take care of the back end operations or will personally walk you through it.


After I experienced going the expensive route (since I felt it was all too intimidating) and after I had a conversation with my friend recently I realized others have the same concerns. Some people are not starting their own websites because they don't know how inexpensive and easy it is!  I believe all businesses (whether a one man shop or larger) need a website and you don't have to pay thousands initially if you want to get started.


I'm here to share and help mitigate the ‘intimidation' factor and hopefully save you some money when you initially begin!  As time goes on you may want to seek out assistance from a website designer.

I have a few go to web designers that I'm happy to share with you. Send us an email and we'll send you recommendations of some very good designers.  Send us an email inquiring on a free wordpress tutorial and we'll send you a link.


Setting up a website is as easy as 1, 2, 3! And inexpensive!

AND the best part is you’ll have a phenomenal support team at the right hosting company.

They will help you 24/7 (by phone, online chat, submitting a ticket). Before I moved my second site to them I tested SiteGround.  I called, I did online chats and I submitted tickets for help.  In every instance I was helped immediately…and sometimes they simply just did the task for me!

PS – Think about a domain name (the name of your blog.)  You'll get one free here when you sign up with the hosting company.  I wouldn't worry too much about getting it exact.  You can always ‘buy' another domain name…some are even .99 for the year.  You can simply change out one domain name for the other.


You'll definitely want a solid, reliable hosting company especially if you may want to make a few dollars or more from your site.  I highly recommend starting off the right way!


I see a lot out there about Bluehost and GoDaddy.  I was going to go with Bluehost until multiple people shared with me very bad experiences with the company and their support.  My GoDaddy experiences have been poor too…thus the search for a solid hosting company (a hosting company is the company who ‘holds' your website and does the back end technology part.)

Web Hosting

Why SiteGround?


1. Support For WordPress/Help

The beauty is SiteGround offers Tons of Tutorials regarding how to use wordpress, how to get started…they even have a FREE WordPress E-book Designed to help you become familiar with the WordPress blog.

2. 24/7 Support from SiteGround

Remember, SiteGround Support is available 24/7. I’ve spoken with them several times on the phone, I’ve had online chats with them, I’ve submitted tickets and they have always been super responsive and so extremely helpful CONSISTENTLY…And Friendly!

My experience with GoDaddy was hit and miss. It can be bear dealing with GoDaddy. I had two websites with them and received spotty service (sometimes good and sometimes it was horrible).   I became frustrated time and time again after years of using them. GoDaddy also tacks on more and more products so it’s not as inexpensive as you may think when you get started. I was frustrated and started to look around.

My Techie friend recommended SiteGround for many reasons…for technical back end stuff I know nothing about, for load speed and other speed considerations…to their phenomenal service. Switching has been beyond an absolute Delight for me.


Here's what others say too:



Felix Gehm (September 2016)

Velizar accomplished something no other support ever accomplished before (in my case): 100% support, 100% solving the problem, 100% customer-satisfaction.

His writing and formal skills are the best I've ever witnessed. I never felt like I'm writing with a long-known buddy while actually writing with a complete stranger on the other side of the globe.

He heard me out, analyzed my problem and just solved it. So plain simple, yet so effective. I didn't know this was possible in the mass of supports out there until then.

I was in touch with several supports in your field before: Hostgator, Bluehost and so on, but they never supported me like Velizar did. I will recommend and praise your support whenever I see a discussion or request regarding this topic.

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Maria Campbell (September 2016)

I was desperate to move from BlueHost to SiteGround as quickly and effortlessly as possible and Miroslav was nothing but helpful, patient and kind. A huge difference from my other hosting company who's customer service is horrible. He helped run me through all the steps I needed to take and was friendly about it. I'm very grateful for such great customer service as I was nervous already due to my experience with the other hosting company and how terrible they have been. Looking forward to having my website hosted by SiteGround and dealing with your customer service staff.


Dr. Luis Gaviria (September 2016)

Thank you Todor, for going beyond your duties to serve us today.  Thank you everyone at SiteGround.  We come to realize that you guys are the best service we have had in many years.  After having 2 hacker attacks, unsolved, at another big hosting company we are at peace now, hosting our sites at SiteGround.  We train students. We train students in 28 countries to become Professional Coaches!  Stability, security, dependability are of paramount importance to us.  Thank you again, we appreciate your everyday efforts, SiteGround team.  You guys are the very best!  Kind regards, Dr. Luis Gaviria


I would not recommend a company that I felt couldn't give you fantastic support.  If you are a non-techie like me…You need support.  Even my ‘techie' friends recommend SiteGround though.  I just know from a novice standpoint that their support team and service is Beyond Fantastic.



Okay, ready to start your easy as 1, 2, 3 website?

Here are the steps



1. Click $3.95/mo blog. Most likely you’ll want the easy start plan $3.95 Plan and if you have an existing site they will move if for you FREE.


It’s labeled “Best Seller” and it’s the first one. Don’t worry, you’ll still receive first class/first rate support as though you’re a multi-million dollar customer.

Click on: Choose Plan (as I mentioned above you'll most likely start with the first one). If you have an existing website with another hosting company you’ll start with SiteGround before doing anything at all with your current hosting company…you don't want to cancel until your merge with a new hosting company is done! Select a plan and complete the form.  Siteground will merge your old host site and take care of all of the legwork. If you currently don’t have a website, don’t worry about what I just said and simply click on: Get Started 


2. Fill out the super easy form and you’re on your way


Complete this form and you'll receive email confirmation from SiteGround and clear instructions from them.  Don't forget they offer 24/7 support.  After you receive confirmation you'll click on the “1 click WordPress Install”  They have tutorials on WordPress and there are fantastic short YouTube videos to help with WordPress.  I recommend starting with a simple theme just to get familiar with WordPress.

3. Once you complete the form you’re in 


You’ll be in your very own SiteGround Account and will click ‘1 click WordPress Install' as I mentioned above. You’re now ready to go and can start having fun with your own site!  As a sidenote…once you get going you may want to hire someone for small tweaks or to show you how to do a couple of things.  I highly recommend you take full control of your site (know the basics.)

See Below For Your Free Video WordPress Video Course

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Siteground Use this link Website Host & Free WordPress Video Course, sign up and email us your full name at [email protected], say “Siteground” Free WordPress Course and We'll Email You Access To Your Free WordPress Course…Step By Step Video Instruction.

Web Hosting

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