How Himalayan Lamps Improve Your Creativity

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Do you ever feel like you're in a RUT? Running from one task to the next and feeling less inspired and underwhelmed…BUT at the same time stressed and feeling the weight of all the responsibilities at hand?


I get it!  I can go, and go, and go…and then I feel my body tensing, I feel the weight of demands and joy and inspiration become fleeting.


After years of working in automatic…moving from one thing to the next, checking one business ‘success' off the list and then the next…my life came crashing down.  I pulled my head up, tried to gasp for air and looked around.  What have I been doing all these years? Why? I lost my spark, my creativity…

25 Himalayan Lamp Benefits

I wanted it back…creativity, living my life of purpose, living a life I wanted.  Not what family, society, ‘friends' thought I should do. So, I took time, assessed and found some truths in life…to live a purposeful, creative life filled with joy.


I found there are a number of truths in living this.  Some are listed here:

Be Intentional

1. Have A Vision

2. Practice Awareness

3. Practice Presence

4. Notice when you become robotic, when your body feels tight and tense and when you seem to have lost some of your luster.   Stop, take a moment and Breathe.  Exhale Deeply.

5. Focus on something that brings you joy…you can simply visualize it.  Feel what it does to your body…immerse yourself in that vision.


Sometimes we can't stop what we're doing and move.  This is where candles, light and himalayan lamps help me.  There are so many beneficial reasons these help and I'm addressing himalayan lamps  here and the multitude of benefits they offer.  It clears the head, it's soothing and calming…Studies show a calm mind  (the alpha-state) is when we're most creativity. 

I'm intentional now about starting my days with vision, of visualizing flow, creativity, inspiration and connection.  I'm intentional with my purpose.

However, I fall off the wagon sometimes! I get in what's called the high beta state of doing, doing, doing…and notice a tenseness in my body.  So I bring myself back.  Back to my vision and an emotional state of joy, creativity and helping others.

Lamps, light and candles can help bring us back to presence…to flow.  Lost in ‘flow' is part of the necessary elements needed for creativity.

I've had my himalayan lamp for years.  Since then they've come out with some cool, decorative ones too.  Whether you have a himalayan lamp, certain lighting around you…perhaps some scented candles…take a few moments and create a warm setting for yourself.  Take a few moments to breathe deeply, then exhale slowly.  Take some time for yourself. Enjoy…


Himalayan Lamp Benefits

1. Helps purify the air

 2. Improves sleep

 3. Helps headaches

 4. Increases energy by increasing oxygen levels

  5. Relaxes the body

 6. Helps improve moodIf you'd like a bit of a boost right now, check out these 3 short FREE videos :)

Why These Lamps Improve Creativity



7. Reduces stress

 8.  Improves blood oxygen levels

 9. Releases good for you ions

 10. Improves breathing problems

 11. Adds beauty to a room

 12. Helps combat the effects of electro-magnetic radiation

 13.  Helps reduce the number of airborne bacteria

Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits

14. Eases eye strain

 15. Helps reduce symptoms of SAD

 16. Helps reduce symptoms of PTSD

 17. Helps combat indoor pollution

 18. Easy to use/set up

 19. Helps with respiratory issues

 20. Soothing for allergies

 21. Aides in anxiety reduction

22. Helps clean the air (by generating negative ions)

 23. Helps alleviate coughing

24. Makes for a nice night lamp

 25. You simply feel good


Don't be stuck…light up your creativity and room with these


“Nature Itself Is The Best Physician” Hippocrates

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