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How do you stand out? How do you engage your customers and audience?  Feeling stuck?

Well, we searched and searched And discovered a whole world of unique, sometimes off the wall, some touching and inspirational designated theme months and unique dates.

Yes, here it is…let's have a blast with some of these, stay on top of the dates and create activity around these!

To keep it concise and simple for you, the dates are listed in order below.  Get creative, have some fun with these below and be notified of these days regularly.   

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 Month of March 2018:

Monthly Celebrations:

  • National Women’s History Month
  • Umbrella Month
  • Social Workers Month
  • National Peanut Month
  • Multiple Sclerosis Month
  • Kidney Month
  • International Ideas Month
  • Hemophilia Awareness Month
  • Credit Education Month
  • Cheerleading Safety Month
  • Caffeine Awareness Month
  • Irish American Month
  • Music in our Schools Month
  • National Craft Month
  • National Nutrition Month
  • Red Cross Month
  • National Frozen Food Month

Daily Celebrations:

1: National Fruit Compote Day

1: National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day

1: Plan a Solo Vacation Day

1: Refired, Not Retired Day

1: Share a Smile Day

1: World Book Day

1: World Compliment Day

2: Dr. Seuss Day

2: Employee Appreciation Day

2: National Banana Cream Pie Day

2: National Day of Unplugging

2: National Read Across America Day

3: 33 Flavors Day

3: Canadian Bacon Day

3: International Irish Whiskey Day

3: National Anthem Day

3: National Mulled Wine Day

3: Peach Blossom Day

3: World Wildlife Day

4: International Scrapbooking Day

4: National Hug a G.I. Day

4: National Marching Arts Day

4: National Poundcake Day

4: National Snack Day

5: National Cheese Doodle Day

6: National Dress Day

6: National Oreo Cookie Day

6: National White Chocolate Cheesecake Day

6: Peace Corp Day

7: Discover What Your Name Means Day

7: National Be Heard Day

7: National Cereal Day

7: National Pancake Day

7: No Smoking Day

7: Stop Bad Service Day

7: World Math Day

8: Girls Write Now Day

8: International Women’s Day

8: National Day of Unplugging

8: National Peanut Cluster Day

8: National Proofreading Day

8: Popcorn Lovers Day

9: National Barbie Day

9: National Crabmeat Day

9: National Meatball Day

9: National Preschooler’s Day

10: International Bagpipe Day

10: International Day of Awesomeness

10: International Fanny Pack Day

10: National Blueberry Popover Day

10: National Pack Your Lunch Day

10: Salvation Army Day

11: Check Your Batteries Day

11: Daylight Savings Time Starts

11: Dream Day

11: Oatmeal Nut Waffles Day

11: Worship of Tools Day

12: National Baked Scallops Day

12: National Girl Scout Day

12: National Plant a Flower Day

12: National Workplace Napping Day

13: National Coconut Torte Day

13: National Good Samaritan Day

13: Organize your Home Office Day

14: Celebrate Scientists Day

14: Genius Day

14: Learn About Butterflies Day

14: National Children’s Craft Day

14: Science Education Day

15: Absolutely Incredible Kid Day

15: Companies That Care Day

15: Ides of March

15: National Peanut Lovers Day

15: National Pears Helene Day

15: Oranges and Lemons Day

16: National Artichoke Day

16: National Preschool Teachers Appreciation Day

16: World Sleep Day

17: Campfire Girls Day

17: Maple Syrup Saturday

17: National Corn Dog Day

17: National Corned Beef and Cabbage Day

17: St. Patrick’s Day

18: Awkward Moments Day

18: Forgive Mom and Dad Day

18: Goddess of Fertility Day

18: National Lacy Oatmeal Cookie Day

18: Supreme Sacrifice Day

19: Client’s Day

19: National Chocolate Caramel Day

19: National Poultry Day

20: Great American Meatout Day

20: International Astrology Day

20: International Day of Happiness

20: International Earth Day

20: National Ravioli Day

20: Snowman Burning Day

20: Spring Equinox

20: The First Day of Spring

20: Won’t You Be My Neighbor Day

20: World Day of Theater for Children and Young People

20: World Sparrow Day

20: World Storytelling Day

21: National Common Courtesy Day

21: National Flower Day

21: National Fragrance Day

21: National French Bread Day

21: National Single Parent’s Day

21: National Teenager Day

21: World Poetry Day

21: World Puppetry Day

23: Cuddly Kitten Day

23: National Chip and Dip Day

23: National Puppy Day

24: National Chocolate Covered Raisins Day

24: National Cocktail Day

25: International Waffle Day

25: National Lobster Newburg Day

25: Neighbour Day

25: Pecan Day

26: National Nougat Day

26: National Spinach Day

26: Solitude Day

27: American Diabetes Association Alert Day

27: National Spanish Paella Day

28: Children’s Picture Book Day

28: Eat an Eskimo Pie Day

28: National Black Forest Cake Day

28: National Hot Tub Day

28: Respect Your Cat Day

29: National Lemon Chiffon Cake Day

29: National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day

30: Take a Walk in the Park Day

31: National Clams on the Half Shell Day

31: National Crayola Crayon Day

31: National Tater Day

31: World Backup Day

100+Marketing Ideas - Monthly Printables

Receive new updated ones too. Print, Make Notes, Save in an easy to use printable for your convenience. No more looking for ideas...100's here for you!

Powered by ConvertKit

April MARKETING IDEAS and unique holidays

Month of April 2018:

Monthly Celebrations:

  • Garden Month
  • Straw Hat Month
  • Decorating Month
  • Jazz Appreciation Month
  • Couple Appreciation Month
  • National Poetry Month
  • National Humor Month
  • Keep America Beautiful Month
  • National Kite Month
  • National Pecan Month
  • Records and Information Management Month
  • Sexual Assault Awareness Month
  • Stress Awareness Month
  • International Guitar Month

Daily Celebrations:

1: Sourdough Bread Day

1: Reading is Funny Day

1: Fun Day

1: One Cent Day

2: Children’s Book Day

2: Peanut Butter and Jelly Day

2: Love Your Produce Manager Day

2: World Autism Day

2: Ferret Day

3: Tweed Day

3: World Party Day

3: Find A Rainbow Day

3: Chocolate Mousse Day

4: Vitamin C Day

4: World Rat Day

4:  Carrot Day

4: Cordon Bleu Day

4: D.A.R.E. Day

4: Walk Around Things Day

4: Day of Hope

5: Deep Dish Pizza Day

5: Caramel Day

5: Star Trek First Contact Day

5: Go For Broke Day

5: Hospital Admitting Clerks Day

5: Read A Road Map Day

5: Tell A Lie Day

6: Walk to Work Day

6: Tartan Day

6: Army Day

6: Caramel Popcorn Day

6: Plan Your Epitaph Day

6: New Beer’s Eve

7: No Housework Day

7: Pillow Fight Day

7: Beaver Day

7: Tangible Karma Day

7: Beer Day

7: World Health Day

7: DIY Day

8: Draw a Picture of a Bird Day

8: Zoo Lover’s Day

9: Name Yourself Day

9: Cherish An Antique Day

9: Unicorn Day

9: Experience Week

10: Golfer’s Day

10: Be Kind to Lawyers Day

10: Sibling Day

10: Library Workers Day

10: International Safety Pin Day

11: Barbershop Quartet Day

11: Submarine Day

11: Bookmobile Day

11: Pet Day

11: Cheese Fondue Day

12: Walk on Your Wild Side Day

12: Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

13: Licorice Day

13: Blame Someone Else Day

13: Scrabble Day

14: That Sucks! Day

14: Look Up at the Sky Day

14: Dolphin Day

14: Reach as High as You Can Day

14: National Pecan Day

15: Titanic Remberence Day

15: World Art Day

15: Take a Wild Guess Day

15: Microvolunteering Day

15: Rubber Eraser Day

16: Mushroom Day

16: National Stress Awareness Day

16: Eggs Benedict Day

16: Save the Elephant Day

16: Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day

17: Ford Mustang Day

17: Haiku Poetry Day

17: Blah Blah Blah Day

17: Nothing Like a Dame Day

17: Bat Appreciation Day

17: Kickball Day

17: National Cheeseball Day

17: Pet Owners Independence Day

18: International Juggler's Day – also applies to multi-tasking office workers

18: Newspaper Columnists Day

19: National Garlic Day

19: National High Five Day third Thursday

20: Look Alike Day

20: Volunteer Recognition Day

21: Husband Appreciation Day

21: Kindergarten Day

22: Earth Day (U.S.)

22: Girl Scout Leader Day

22: National Jelly Bean Day

23: Lover's Day

23: National Zucchini Bread Day

23: Take a Chance Day

23: World Laboratory Day

24: Pig in a Blanket Day

25: Administrative Professionals Day (Executive Admin's Day, Secretary's Day

25: East Meets West Day

25: World Penguin Day

26: Hug an Australian Day

26: National Pretzel Day

26: Richter Scale Day

26: Take Your Daughter to Work 4th Thursday

27: Arbor Day

27: Babe Ruth Day

27: National Prime Rib Day

27: Tell a Story Day

28: International Astronomy Day

28: Great Poetry Reading Day

28: Kiss Your Mate Day – guys, do not forget this one. Kiss her, then read her some poetry.

29: Greenery Day

29: National Shrimp Scampi Day

30 Hairstyle Appreciation Day

30: National Honesty Day